29 Jun 2020

We're Turning 16 and We Want to Celebrate!

It's our "BIG 16"

And we are going to give away $1500 worth of prizes to celebrate!

You could win:


Simply head to (or back to) our COMPETITION FACEBOOK POST by clicking the image below and then:

1. SHARE the post

2. In the COMMENTS tell us 3 THINGS you remember about being 16!

That's all you have to do!

Here are some of the things WE remember about being SIXTEEN. Just to inspire you...

  • Getting your L’s
  • Growing too fast for your clothes
  • Year 11 Camp at Fraser Island
  • Pimples
  • School holidays on the beach surfing
  • Midnight Oil’s ‘no-nuclear weapons’ concert!
  • The Nintendo 64 gets released
  • Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister
  • Facebook and by extension the whole world knew my every thought
  • Orange spray tans were fashionable
  • Wearing nerd glasses without any lenses
  • Baggy school uniforms
  • Studying physics and chemistry...why?

Can you tell we are all different ages at MOVIES CHANGE PEOPLE?

Winners will be randomly selected from the comments of the competition post (the one linked to this blog page) and drawn on Monday 24th July 4pm. We will put the winners names into the comments of the competition post as well as contacting them personally via Facebook Messenger.