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March 2, 2022

The “Hello Fresh” Analogy

You know those companies that are doing meal kits? The ones where all the food gets “curated” for you? Fresh vegies and good recipes chosen and packaged and delivered to your door, so you have a nutritional, delicious meal ready in minutes?

Well, we’ve kinda started thinking of WONDER that way. Not because we’re keen to promote meal-kit companies (though they do seem pretty awesome). But because eating well makes us feel good. And we like to feel good. And meal kits are a great way to achieve that.

What if there was a meal-kit for your mind? Something healthy and nutritional — in a spiritual, heart-and-soul way — that a team of people have carefully curated for you and made available right at your “door?” That you can ‘eat’ when you’re feeling tired instead of reaching for something that’s all empty calories and is ultimately going to give you gas?

Okay, so maybe that’s taking the metaphor a little far.

But yeah, we’ll own it, we think about a lot of other streaming platforms like they’re a junk-food smorgasbord. Picture this: you’re tired after a day’s work. Your brain is mush. You have all these subconscious, long-term goals of becoming a person who is less anxious, more compassionate, more mindful. But, you’re waaaay too depleted to actively go after that goal right now. And all this junky screen-food is right here. So you scroll for aaaaages, because after all, you don’t want to watch something fully offensive or traumatising. And you finally find something that might be worthwhile and add a little something to your day, but you turn it off after five minutes and start scrolling again because it turns out you were wrong.

Sound familiar?

That’s why we like to think in terms of the meal-kit metaphor. Our heart is to make WONDER a place where there are a lot of fresh ingredients, stuff that’s going to enrich you, open your heart, set your mind on what’s meaningful and truly important, teach you how to love better — all that good stuff. So when you sit down to look for something to watch, you’ve got a whole lot of ‘healthy’ options staring back at you. It doesn’t mean you have millions of choices, but it does mean that everything in there is going to help you live your “life beyond the screen” better — fuller, freer, happier.

Interested? Feel free to try WONDER out if you haven’t already — it’s free! Anyone can sign up for a 14-day free trial and see if they like the ‘taste’ of our curated content with no strings attached.

Come join us!

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