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November 25, 2021

WONDER: So, what’s all this about?

So you’ve heard that MOVIES CHANGE PEOPLE are starting their own streaming platform. And you’re like, “Guys. WHY?”

We get it. There are loads of streaming platforms out there already. Why would we add to the noise?

Well actually, you’ve hit the nail on the head there. We want to reduce the noise. “Weird way of going about it!” you say.

Nope. On the surface it might seem that way. Sure, there are a lot of streaming platforms out there, and there is a looooot of content. But is it the kind of content you want to watch when your desire in life is to worry less, embrace more, and grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually? When you’re interested in becoming the kind of person who influences yourself or your world for the better? When you’re looking for more authenticity in life?

What we notice is that there are plenty of people — you, for example — who are looking for meaningful, stirring and uplifting stories beyond the mind-numbing free to air or algorithm-fed streaming content. People who don’t want to waste time in their week walking the ‘aisles’ of Netflix looking for the ingredients for a meaningful experience. People who feel like they’re spending a lot of time watching ‘junk food’, when what they really want, deep down, is something that nourishes and inspires, even if it’s (what we like to call) “messy” viewing— ie, not a trite film that pretends to have all the answers, but a film that takes you deeper, opens your spirit-eyes, and provokes questions and reflection.

You might already know that it’s been our vision and avowed intention since 2004 to intentionally feed hearts, minds & souls with stories that engage, entertain, and inspire growth, by providing access to films full of hope and dreams, instead of anxiety, despair and nightmares.

And so, what that means in this new season is: WONDER.

WONDER streaming provides hand-picked stories on-demand, and… wait for it: promises to add value to and nourish your life and dreams. This isn’t just content. We don’t want to turn you into a zombie who never leaves your tv. We want to provide viewing for you that makes your life better, makes you able to engage better, listen better, love better. That impacts you to spend more time away from your tv. That inspires you to life beyond the screen.

That’s why you won’t find zillions of films on WONDER. Because we’ve chosen what’s there with incredible care. We want to give you something that will bring life to your whole existence (heart, family, being, home) not just fill your eyes for an hour or two.

So that’s our dream: The incredible medium of film would give people exactly what they most want — a better life.

Want to try it? Try a life of reducing the noise? Of life beyond the screen?

You can dip your toe into this idea of inspirational / edgy / nourishing / messy / uplifting / life-inspiring viewing habits by doing a 14-day free trial. Come join us!

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